Train as an Electrologist

A nationally recognized institute. COPE provincially upholds the Canada Health Standards and guidelines. Leaders in the principles and practice of permanent hair removal.

What to look for

  • High quality training and education is fundamental to being a proficient electrologist.
  • An electrologist needs good communication skills, patience and the ability to empathise with clients who often are embarrassed and sometimes affected psychologically by their excessive hair growth.
  • Electrolysis is unregulated in Canada and in many parts of the U.S.A. It is important to realize that all private electrolysis schools are a free enterprise.
  • All courses have three main components, theory, practical and assessments/consultation.
  • A minimum of 500 hour training is advised.
  • Is the school affiliated with any electrolysis association?
  • It is important to recognize that a school is registered as a provincial trade school, and is paying fees to a province for this privilege, is not necessarily one that meets the highest educational standards. The general public is becoming very much aware of the need for infection control. Their second priority is effective treatment.
  • Ask about infection control training. A minimum of 30 hours is advisable. The school should be teaching Canada Health Standards and Guidelines or their provincial standards and guidelines if they exist. Alberta and Ontario have provincial standards.
  • Steam sterilization equipment, an adequate supply of instrumentation to support the number of clients treated daily, appropriate choices of packaging materials, accessible hand washing facilities etc. Documented procedures, describing cleaning, disinfecting, sterilizing and biological spore testing processes is essential. Sterilization methods may vary from municipality to municipality.
  • A Certified Professional Electrologist is one who has paid to sit for a specialized registered and closely governed examination, and by passing with high marks, has earned the right to use the designations, Certified Professional Electrologist, (C.P.E.) or Certified Clinical Electrologist. (C.C.E.)
For further information regarding training in electrolysis, please contact Phyllis Tourond at Ph. 1 (403) 628.3522