Find out more about Electrolysis.

  • What causes unwanted hair?
    Causes are, normal (puberty, pregnancy, and menopause) and abnormal hormonal changes (malfunctioning endocrine glands), due to genetic predisposition or to an acquired endocrine illness which effects the normal hormonal balance within the body. Some surgical procedures e.g.; oophorectomy and medications e.g.; steroids and birth control pills, shock, stress, and eating disorders can also effect the normal hormonal balance in the body. Some temporary hair removal methods can also stimulate and accelerate unwanted hair growth.
  • Is there a permanent way to remove unwanted hair?
    Yes. Electrolysis is the only proven method of permanent hair removal. There is prolific, misleading advertising to suggest that many temporary hair removal methods are permanent. CONSUMER BEWARE.
  • Does electrolysis work?
    Yes, electrolysis has proven to be the only safe, permanent hair removal method.
  • What are the three methods most commonly used in electrolysis?
    1. Electrolysis – uses a galvanic current (direct current) causing a chemical destruction of the hair follicles’ target area.
    2. Thermolysis – uses a high frequency current (alternating current) coagulating or desiccating the target area.
    3. The blend – uses galvanic and high frequency currents, these currents used sequentially or together enhance the effects of each other to destroy the target area.
  • Is electrolysis safe?
    Yes! Many individuals are recommended to us through their doctor or dermatologist.
  • How do I know if the electrolysis treatment is being done properly?
    1. Insertion of the filament: When being inserted into the hair follicle, you should not feel it.
    2. You will feel a heat sensation.
    3. When the hair is being coagulated, the hair will slide out of the follicle easily. There should not be any tugging involved whatsoever.

    A client should follow and complete their treatment program to see results.

  • How to choose a competent electrologist?

    Investigate thoroughly and take the time to choose wisely based on the following information:

    • There should be a certificate from a school specializing in Electrolysis training, visible in the office.
    • The electrologist should be a member of good standing with a current dated certificate of membership on display in their office.
    • Ask to see the electrologist’s Canada Health Inspection Certificate.
    • Choose an environment that provides personal and confidential consultations. As well are able to answer all your questions about procedure and treatment.
  • Does electrolysis hurt?
    Each individual’s pain tolerance level varies. It is a minor discomfort to some while others are able to sleep during treatment.
  • Will there be any permanent damage to my skin?
    There should be absolutely no permanent damage to the skins’ surface, if you are receiving treatment from a well trained, competent electrologist.
  • Can hairs be removed from a mole?
    Yes, but only with the written consent of your physician.
  • What if hair seems to return while I’m being treated?
    In the area(s) being treated, all of the hairs to be treated do not grow all at one time. Hair grows in a 12 week cycle, where the hairs growing in will be ones that had not yet appeared in previous treatments. Sometimes several treatments to the same hairs will be required to get them back to the langua (fine) stage. Some people cannot expect to see fast results depending on what they have done to manipulate their hair, for example waxing and tweezing, which can cause the hair to become deeply rooted and coarser than usual, and can sometimes remain dormant in the follicle for up to 3 months.
  • Are treatments available for Transgender clients?
    Yes, COPE electrologists specialize in transgender clients. Do not be afraid to pick up the phone and discuss with one of our COPE certified members about removing your facial or body hair. A COPE professional is aware of what you are trying to accomplish, will work patiently to provide a tailored treatment plan that will address your specific concerns, and fit your budget. The electrologist will respect you, your choices and your privacy. Please check our COPE Member’s list to find an electrologist near you.
  • Are electrolysis treatments available for men?
    Yes, some men just naturally have a lot of body, and facial hair, and find it to be not esthetically pleasing to them or their counterpart. Men who have discovered electrolysis are happy with the end results. Common problem areas for men are the outer ear and nose, the centre of the eyebrows, the cheeks, back and beard.