In 2015 COPE was approached by Glacier Media Group to participate in the Profile Of Excellence in Health Care Magazine and video. As an organization we recognized this would be beneficial, and an exciting opportunity to raise public awareness, and promote COPE NATIONAL as the leaders in safety and permanent hair removal.


“It’s been tweezed, plucked, waxed, creamed, threaded and lasered, and yet the problem of unwanted hair, sometimes excessive and often embarrassing, has not gone away.
These marginal, temporary solutions and people’s desire to remove this nuisance follicle (whether facial or elsewhere) is something members of the Canadian Organization of Professional Electrologists (COPE) take very seriously. “We want to stand up and be recognized in this industry for who we truly are,” says Evelyn Geatros, owner of Fairview Electrolysis Clinic. “Passionate, certified, professional leaders in quality permanent hair removal.”


Established in 1989, non-profit COPE National functions as a referral centre to assist consumers who require help finding a qualified professional electrologist. The organization also provides direction to those individuals who are seeking training options to become a competent professional electrologist. Members of COPE National are among those elite practitioners who meet and adhere to superior standards of practice. In order to remain in good standing, all active COPE National members must have Health Canada Infection Control Standards and Guidelines or their provincial standards in effect. “Just because someone has a certificate on their wall doesn’t mean they’re legit or in good standing,” says Geatros. “Consumers need to do their homework, research, and ask questions when looking to find an electrologist.” A good electrologist should be forthcoming about how their treatment works and what equipment they use — the more transparent about their business, the better. Make certain the electrologist’s training and experience is in place; it will ensure you receive the best results, and more importantly, keep you safe.
During the safe procedure the skin is not punctured, rather an electrical current is emitted into the hair follicle through a filament, which destroys the hair growth cells. To their credit, Health Canada invited COPE to sit on their committee to create and establish the health standards for all Canadian electrologists. According to Geatros, consumers need to learn what the practices and principles of electrolysis are before undergoing any treatment; plus, it’s imperative to book a consultation and arm yourself with the necessary information so you can make an informed decision: is the technician and the treatment right for you? All COPE members are well-trained practitioners specializing in confidentiality and an empathetic ear: “we want to be able to help people build self esteem and confidence,” says Geatros.


So, how many treatments until the desired results are achieved? No one figure, as it turns out. The number of treatments varies from person to person. However, at the end of the complete treatment program, your results will reflect a permanent solution to hair growth. You’ll be free from the incessant cycle of tweezing, plucking, and waxing — or any other hair removal procedure.


COPE National disseminates valuable information on the proficiency of electrolysis across Canada. Throughout B.C. there is a COPE National member available to provide their expertise.”

By Tracey Rayson


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